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On the Rim of the Wheel

Steve's 6th album "On the Rim of the Wheel" is completed and due for release in December 2011.

    1. Jordan - Trad/Tune A Burns/arr Turner ( listen to sample )
2. William Glenn - Trad arr Turner/Tune arr Turner   (listen to sample )
3.  Peace Descends P Metsers (Sagem Music)/arr  Turner
                                                                                  ( listen to sample )
4. Lass of the Moorland Hill Trad/arr Turner ( listen to sample )
5. Flowers of Manchester - E. Winter/arr Turner /Tune arr Turner
6.  Boomers Story - Trad/arr Turner
7.  Thomas of Yonderdale - trad arr Turner - tune Turner
8. Follow the Drum - trad/arr Turner /Captain Popkin's Fancy
                                                                                      trad arr Turner
9. The Crows they Crow P Mestsers (Sagem Music) arr Turner
10. Claudy Banks Trad arr Turner/ Tune Turner
11. Napoleon's Farewell to Paris - Trad arr Turner

on the rim of the wheel CD



Steve Turner - vocals, harmony vocals, English concertina, cittern
Moira Craig - harmony vocals
Martin Carthy - guitar
Pete Flood - percussion/drums
Oliver Knight - electric guitars
Riki Gerardy - cello


To order this CDby post please send £12 inc. post and packaging to
S. Turner, 1-5 Lily Grove, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1QL, UK

Overseas orders please end £14 incl. post and packaging

Credit Card orders accepted - contact Steve for details

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