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Rim of the Wheel

Sheer Genius...

"Sheer genius. A sure contender for my top folk album 2012" -
N E Folk Roundabout. David Kidman

"The variety of material and accomplishment of it's execution is stunning. I promise you Steve is just as good in live performance as he is on CD. If you are going to buy only one CD this year. I would suggest you seriously consider getting this"
Mardles - E. Anglia - Mary Humphries

"Steve's singing and playing here is majestic. He brings a new depth and quality to song accompaniments on the concertina. One of the old guard of the folk revival has come up with one of it's finest albums"
F/Roots - Vic Smith

"Here is a brilliant artist at the top of his form. The finest concertina accompaniments that you will anywhere"
Folk Diary, Sussex

"A remarkable collection. This is a considered and well crafted piece of work bearing all the hallmarks of a master tradition bearer"
English Dance and Song Magazine

"Fabulous singing and playing. I was struck by the versatility of his voice and sympathetic concertina accompaniment"
Folk London - Alison Frosdick

"Fantastically assured. Turner's ability to hold the listener rapt as the stories unfold is a delight. More than ever it shows a performer with the reins held tightly in his grasp"
Living Tradition - Claire Button

"A man who is at the very top of his trade, his passion and various shades of delivery are a treat to hear"
Shire folk - Jon Bennett

"Listen to this CD in quietness, with amazement and preferably in darkness"
Folk News Kernow - Chris Ridley

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